Curriculum Subjects


English is taught as both a discreet and cross-curricular subject. Children are taught reading, writing, spelling, grammar, punctuation and phonics. The programme for English is delivered in a variety of lively and creative ways, including the use of ebooks, computing, drama and outdoor learning. Reading and writing activities include peer, buddy, group and whole school initiatives. We also have a wonderful library which the children regularly access.

The school uses a wide variety of reading schemes. Our main reading scheme is Oxford Reading Tree. We follow the Letters and Sounds phonics programme.      Overview of English          English at STM    Grammar Glossary for Parents    Articulation of Phonemes

A Parents Guide to Hearing Your Child Read       Reading Scheme Book Band information for parents

Year 3 Reading List

Year 4 Reading List

Year 5 Reading List

Year 6 Reading List


At St Thomas More, we take great pride of the equality in our handwriting. From the very first stages of Early Years, children are taught to use the cursive script. We strongly believe this promotes fluency, neatness and has strong links to accuracy of spelling.         Handwriting Script


We value Mathematics as a way of gaining greater understanding of the world around us and seek to provide pupils with a rich and progressive curriculum. We support pupils to develop their ability to calculate, reason, problem solve, and to understand and appreciate patterns in numbers and space in their everyday lives, both in and out of school. We have adopted a Mastery approach towards our teaching - please click on the link for more information.  Mastery approach to teaching Maths at STM       Maths at STM    Calculations Guidance Booklet for parents

Computing and Online Safety

Safeguarding children is crucial part of our duty. This includes children’s access to the online world.    Online Safety Advice for parents     Computing at STM   


The following subjects are currently under review:

Art and Design      

Art and Design Curriculum

Design and Technology   

  DT Curriculum                                     

 Modern Foreign Language

 French Curriculum        


Geography Curriculum                      


History Curriculum                                      


Music Curriculum                            


 Science Curriculum

Physical Education and Physical Activity     

PE Curriculum                        

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

  Relationships and Sex Education