School Prayers

St Thomas More School Prayer

Fill me with your happiness and joy.
Let your spirit live within me.
In the secret of my heart teach me wisdom
and keep me true to your word.
Forgive the wrong that I do
and, in your goodness, be with me always. Amen.

Westminster Prayer

Jesus, You are truly present in the Most Holy Eucharist.

Help me feel Your presence every time I visit you.

Give me Your strength when I receive You in Holy Communion.

And, receiving Your love, help me take that love to others.

I ask this is Your name,




Grace Before Meals

Bless us, O God, as we sit together.
Bless the food we eat today.
Bless the hands that make the food.
Bless us, O God. Amen.

Night Prayer

God our Father, I come to say
Thank you for your love today.
Thank you for my family,
And all the friends you give to me.
Guard me in the dark of night,
And in the morning send your light. Amen. 

Prayers used in the Early Years Unit

                                                                                      From my head to my heart, shoulder to shoulder,

I love you Jesus. Amen.


God made the sun, God made the trees,

        God made the mountains and God made me.


I thank you God, for the sun and the trees,

for making the mountains, for making me and you. Amen.