Kanyike Fundraising Event

Great news from the Kanyike Project – a sink with hot water for washing up has recently been installed in the Health Centre. Although it is only one sink, as you can imagine, it makes an enormous difference to the quality of care that the medical practitioners can offer.

This year at STM, we decided to raise funds with a dress-up day. On Wednesday 3rd April, we invited all pupils – and adults – to attend school in a rainbow colour of their own choice – purple, dark blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange, red – or anything in between!

The intention was to raise as much money as we can to ensure that the health centre can continue to properly function.

Here are some examples of what the money could be spent on:
• a mosquito net to prevent malaria: £5.00;
• giving birth in the health centre and a Mama Kit to welcome the baby: £30.00;
• a porridge lunch for a pupil with no parents: £36.00 per annum.

We know that money goes a long way in Kanyike so thank you for all donations.