Science Week

This week is Science Week at STM and the theme is ' We want to touch our world.'

We will be thinking about how we can be more resourceful with our waste. In our assembly on Monday the 25th of March we discussed the impact plastic have on our environment and have seen in particular how sea life can be affected by the overuse and disposal of it in our oceans.

All the children agreed that we can try to make two changes to combat the overuse of plastic:

1. Swap plastic bags for 'Bags for life'.
2. Stop buying plastic bottles and use a refillable bottle or a reusable cup.
3. Be creative in using less plastic in our lunchboxes

We all want to try to protect our world by how we use and reuse plastic and other resources.

Please join us in our 'hands-on' challenge to use less plastic.

green week plastic pollution poster 1