Feeling Good Day!

 Hopefully, your child may have mentioned some of the activities which they engaged in during our ‘Feeling Good Day’ last Tuesday. This was part of a wider project to promote pupil wellbeing whereby the children were asked for ideas of different experiences which they would enjoy at school. A package of ideas was developed by Mrs Baguley, including go-kart racing, multi-sports, bake-off, boxing (for Years 1 to 6), den-building, clay modelling and campfire building (for Year 6). As you can imagine, the school was full of excited chatter on the day. With all these new experiences, the children had a ball!

Pupil Voice

Early Years: "When I go on holiday I play on the go-karts and they were the same as yesterday".

Year 1: "I felt very happy when we were making our creatures with pasta and beans. It felt squishy mixing up the playdough".

Year 2: "I learnt that in boxing you have to put your knuckles on your cheek bone and your writing hand is your starting hand".

Year 3: "I liked doing gardening, because it seemed really peaceful".

Year 4: "I think it was nice that the teachers listened to our ideas and set up such a big day for us".

Year 5: "I really enjoyed doing the bake-off and whittling because there were fun activities and satisfying".

Year 6: "I liked making the fires. We learned survival techniques and had to use patience".