Whole School Trip to Woburn Safari Park @

Fri, Jun. 21, 2019

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The whole school trip to Woburn safari park has been organised for Friday 21st June 2019, and I am writing to give you as much information as possible in advance of the trip to help with your planning.


The coaches will leave the school at 9.00 am and return by 4.00 pm (approx). All pupils must be in their classrooms by 8.40 am so that teachers have time to register and organise groups etc. All pupils will wear seat belts which will be checked before the coaches leave.


Full uniform need not be worn on this trip. However, please make sure that your child wears the St Thomas More red polo shirt. This can be worn with shorts or trousers depending on the weather. Skirts and dresses are not suitable. Please make sure that your child has a sun hat and sun screen and show them how to apply the sun screen before the trip. Alternatively, there are now sun screens available from chemists which, once applied, last for twelve hours.


Hopefully we will have a superb trip with excellent weather. Just in case we are unlucky, please make sure that your child has a water proof/wind proof jacket and comfortable walking shoes or trainers.


The children will need a packed lunch and plenty of cartons of drink for the day. In addition, please provide an extra snack for break time. If you wish to provide your child with their own packed lunch, please do not include nuts or fizzy drinks.

If you would like the school to provide a Universal Free School Packed Lunch (EY2 to Y2 only) or a Free School Meals Packed lunch, this will need to be ordered in advance by Friday 7th June.

Please return the slip to order a Universal or Free School Packed Lunch. The packed lunch choice for the trip is as follows:

Cheese or ham sandwich / Cucumber / Carrot sticks / Apple or an orange / Shortbread.
(Please supply your own drinks)

Please do not use the usual lunch box for your child’s meal as we wish to discard all wrappings etc as soon as lunch is over. Ideally, lunch could be placed in a named disposable carrier bag, carried in a rucksack.


If you are able to assist with this trip and already have a DBS in place with the school, please complete the reply slip below and hand in to the school office. We will inform the class teacher, however, please note that there are limited spaces for parent helpers and unfortunately, we may not have enough space on the coaches to accept all of these offers.


As always parents are responsible for making sure that inhalers are carried by the children. If your child has an Epi-pen this will be carried by the teacher in charge. If your child suffers from travel sickness please administer the medication before they leave home and make sure that you give the teacher clearly named medication for the return journey. Please also remember that it is the responsibility of parents/carers to inform us in writing if their child experiences a medical condition which school staff should be aware of.


The cost of the trip is £10.55 per child, which includes transport and entry to the safari park. Should you find the cost prohibitive, please speak to me in confidence before the payment deadline of Friday 7th June and I will do my best to help. No child will be excluded because of the cost.
Payment and permission for this trip can be made via the online ParentPay facility. However, should you not be able to access this facility, payment can be made by cash or cheque via the post box in the main entrance by the office. Please assist the office staff by enclosing the correct money together with your permission slip in a clearly named and sealed envelope only.

Please confirm your permission and make your payment by Friday 7th June at the latest.