LDSSA Boys Football Tournament at St John’s School @

Wed, Apr. 3, 2019

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If your child has been selected to play in the LDSSA Boys’ Football Tournament on Wednesday 3rd April, it will take place at St John’s School in Baldock at 3.30 pm and should finish by 5.30 pm.

Parents will need to transport the children to St John’s School and the children will need to be picked up from there at approximately 5.30 pm. It would be helpful if parents would arrange lifts between themselves. Parents are welcome to stay and support the children, but the LDSSA would like to remind parents spectating to be responsible for their younger children and not to wander into other areas around the school site.

Your child will be given a school kit, but we would ask you to ensure that they have their football boots in school with them. Plimsolls are not suitable. Shin-pads and socks will also be required, as usual. Please provide your child with a water bottle.

As always parents are responsible for making sure that inhalers are carried by the children. If your child has an Epi-pen, please ensure that you have this with you. Please also remember that it is the responsibility of parents/carers to inform us in writing if their child experiences a medical condition which school staff should be aware of

Please complete and return the reply slip to confirm your consent by the morning of Friday 29th March.
Good luck to all the players!