Lunch Club

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Breakfast and Lunch Club Forms

The Lunch Club at St Thomas More is a special provision for pupils in Early Years 1. It joins seamlessly with our Early Years unit and provides an extra 90 minutes of care for your child, should you choose to use it. We ask that pupils are provided with a healthy packed lunch from home.

The Lunch Club aims to provide a happy learning environment and to support your child in developing their social skills. It is overseen by two dedicated members of staff who, as well as ensuring that the children are well cared for, provide additional activities that both extend to their learning and are fun!

The Lunch Club is open to all children in Early Years One. Please refer to the Breakfast Club details for the shared principles and aims of the St Thomas More’s Breakfast and Lunch Clubs. You are welcome to contact the school office if you require more details, including information regarding costs. We look forward to hearing from you.