Breakfast Club

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Breakfast Club Forms

Our popular Breakfast Club aims to:


Promoting a healthy lifestyle

We endeavour to:


Staff, Learning and Play

We endeavour to:


The Setting and Environment



We follow the School’s Behaviour Policy. We encourage good behaviour and teach the children to make positive behaviour choices.


Our Partnership with Parents

We endeavour to:


Complaints Procedure

If parents have any concerns they should first discuss them with the Club Managers. If further clarification is required, they are welcome to make an appointment to speak to the Headteacher. In exceptional circumstances, should parents feel the need to make a formal complaint they are invited to put details of their concerns in writing for full investigation – we shall respond with a full outcome within 15 days. If the matter remains unresolved parents may write directly to Ofsted at Cumberland Place, Nottingham, NG1 6HJ.


Child Protection

Safeguarding is central to all that we do as a school, as children’s health and wellbeing is vital in enabling them to flourish. We comply fully with Hertfordshire Area Child Protection Procedures and Government Safeguarding Children in Education Policy. All staff have received appropriate levels of training and are aware of procedures when a concern becomes apparent. We will keep a full record of concerns and observations that may be required if a referral to Social Services is made. The best interests and the protection of the children remain priority. Procedures and practices are clearly laid out in the School’s Policy held for Child Protection All Documents relating to the organisation of the Breakfast Club will be carefully maintained and kept for recommended periods of time.