Year 5 ‘Tour de France’ @

Mon, Feb. 19, 2018

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To round off Year 5's French topic on places and directions, Mrs McCusker has organised a mini ‘Tour de France’ for the year 5 children, to enable them to put into practice the vocabulary and phrases they have been learning about this half term. This will be set up in the playground and children will travel around various checkpoints, following directions in French. In order to make this a memorable event for the children, they will be allowed to bring in a bike or scooter to travel around on.

We plan to hold the mini ‘Tour de France’ on the first day after the half term, Monday 19th February. Miss Gauld will send a message via ‘Marvellous Me’ the day before as a reminder, or to advise if we need to postpone the event if the weather is forecast to be wet.

If your child would like to bring in a bike or a scooter on this day, they should wheel them to the bike shelter on arrival at school and we will collect them later on for the French lesson. It is your responsibility to ensure they are properly locked during the school day. We also strongly recommend that children bring a cycle helmet to wear for the event.

If your child is unable to bring a bike or scooter to school, they will still be able to take part in the activity on foot.