Year 5 Cycle Training Course @

Apr. 30 - May. 4, 2018

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A cycle training course for Year 5 will be held at school during the school day from Monday 30th April to Friday 4th May 2018. Children will be taught by instructors from the Cycle Training Unit of Hertfordshire County Council and the course will include Level 1skills off-road and Level 2 on-road.

The cost is normally £45 per child; however, the Cycle Training Team has been able to acquire funding from the government in an effort to ensure that cycle training becomes a regular activity in schools. The cost will therefore be £25 per child. This course was run last year in school and was very popular and beneficial.

Pupils who wish to take part in the training must bring their own bicycles and safety helmets. No pupil will be able to take part in this training without the appropriate safety equipment. Please note that the school cannot take responsibility for any bicycles left overnight on site.

If you would like your child to participate in this cycle training, permission and payment can be made via the online ParentPay facility by Friday 16th March. However, if you are unable to access this facility please complete and return the permission slip below in a sealed, clearly named envelope with the correct money enclosed by Friday 16th March. Please make your payment and give permission promptly by the due date as the school need to advise the Cycle Training Unit of the number of children participating. Thank you.