Language Festival Day - 'A World of Food' @

Mon, Jun. 19, 2017

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On Monday 19th June 2017, we are hoping to celebrate all the cultures and languages spoken by the families of our school. We know that lots of our families speak different languages at home and would really like to be able to share this with our school community. We held a successful Language Festival Day in 2016 and both the parents who set up the tables and the children from across the school commented on what an enjoyable day it was and how much they learnt.

We hope that families will be able to organise and set up a language table that parents will then run and teach children about their language. The focus for the day will be ‘A World of Food’, so that we can learn a specific set of vocabulary and a small sample of a food or snack traditionally eaten in the country could also be sampled by the children. On previous Language Days, parents speaking the same language worked together as a team to set up and run their table for the day. The day will start with an assembly led by one of the classes. After this, each class will take turns to come into the school hall and visit the different language tables, learn some new words and sample some food. The tables will need to have an adult volunteer for the whole school day.

As there will be a cost in providing the children with a sample of food, the school is able to offer each language table a budget of up to £20 (receipts will be needed for school finance records).

It would be great to have a table to represent each of the languages spoken by our school community. It would also give the children a rich learning experience.

If you are able to take part in this day, please complete and return the reply slip by Thursday 25th May.